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  1. Exfoliating Sugar Scrub: Gently buff away dry, dull skin with our exfoliating sugar scrub. Formulated with natural sugars and nourishing oils, it effectively removes dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and silky-smooth complexion. Use before shaving to get the smoothest longest lasting shave! 🪒

  2. Beekini Oil: Banish pesky shaving bumps with our Beekini oil designed to be used on your bikini line and underarms! The unique blend of 🍯 Raw Honey, 🌱Tea Tree Oil, 🍍Pineapple & Papaya Extract, and Glycolic Acid will help keep your shave smooth and bump free!

  3. Bump Bee Gone Cream: Calm irritation and inflammation caused by shaving, with our hero product!  Apply daily like you would your skincare to enjoy smoother, clearer skin without the worry of ingrown hairs spoiling your day. This cream fights, Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps, Buttne, and Strawberry legs. Formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients, it helps unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and prevent breakouts!

  4. Hydration Mask: Our favorite self care ritual. Unwind and purify your skin with our Hydrating face mask. Infused with Honey, Blue clay, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid, it draws out impurities, and refines pores, while pushing moisture back into your skin. Your skin will feel clean, refreshed, and revitalized. 

Whether you're looking to revitalize your skincare routine or treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, the Ultimate Self-Care Bundle from Mi-el Skincare has everything you need to achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin. Elevate your self-care ritual and experience the transformative power of our premium skincare products today!


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Customer Reviews

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Thank you!!

I loved the combination of this set. I get really stubborn ingrown hairs from shaving, and after using these products for just two weeks I already noticed a difference in the skin around my bikini line. I haven't gotten any new ingrowns since I started using the products, and my scars seem to be less noticeable.
Also, I love the bump-bee-gone cream on my legs; it leaves them feeling so smooth!!