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What Customers Think!

10/10 my bumps were actually gone. Omfg. Thank god for tiktok. Found this product on there and literally y’all, I put it on right after the shower after I shave like the girl said to do and I have not had razor bumps since. I was so skeptical on buying but so glad I did .. GET IT.


Smoothest shave of my LIFE! I will not even lie, I’m so skeptical when it comes to shaving products because I just figured nothing would work for me. The scrub smells heavenly and softened everything, and the serum left me with no bumps. I’m so serious, my hair is dark and course and it’s so hard to have a nice shave, and I swear I felt freshly done for at least three days. Amazing products, we love a woman owned business, we love natural ingredients!

Amie Tennant

Definitely recommend! I was actually shocked at how well it worked! it made my skin so soft and smooth and helped with irritation. after shaving i usually have redness and bumps but using this really helped i’ve only used it twice but i think it’s going to help with discoloration too. excited to keep using it!

Cassie Prohl