It all began at the bee garden

In the spring of 2020, we made the decision to take a beekeeping course. We then purchased a beehive, equipment, and 10,000 bees, and began beekeeping. After harvesting our first batch of honey we began to do research on the benefits of bee byproducts on the skin.

Our Very First Hive
Fresh Mi-el Honeycomb

Farm to Skincare

As beekeepers, we wanted to produce a product with incredible ingredients that also made a positive sustainable impact. We began to develop skincare formulations working alongside a chemist and that is how Mi-el was born.

Sustainablity in Skincare

Safeguarding Biodiversity

Biodiversity is essential to preserving biospheres and preventing climate change. Bees play a key role in preserving this biodiversity and keeping our natural ecosystem intact. As our bee farm continues to grow, the number of local pollinators also continues to grow.

Safeguarding Bees

We put a huge emphasis on being cruelty-free. Owning and harvesting from our hives helps the bee's natural processes and we ensure that while beekeeping we always have our bee's best interest in mind. 

“As an environmentally conscious shopper, I consider the impact that brands have on the environement and I appreciate that Mi-el is a high quality product that really works well for me that also keep the environment in mind”

~ Chantel Otum ~

The honey harvest

When harvesting honey we are extremely intentional that we only take excess honey from the hives. We ensure that enough is left to feed the hive throughout the entire winter and sometimes we even leave some of the excess in there for the bees as well.