Welcome to our hive

Spending the majority of my childhood as a competitive gymnast meant little time for anything else. I was always at the gym wearing bodysuits as our uniform. Shaving irritation was something I discovered almost immediately after I began shaving, as I would quickly shave my bikini line, legs, and underarms since they were always exposed. I never understood why I would get such bad razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation, you name it! I made it my mission to try and figure out the cause and solution to this problem. Since I first became invested in solving my shaving irritation, I have now grown to formulating shaving products to help anyone who shares the same struggles.

Farm to Skincare

As a beekeeper I began to discover the incredible healing properties of using honey on the skin. Honey is not only a humectant amazing for hydrating the skin but it is also antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. I then began working with a chemist to develop the formulas for our pre and post shaving care products with raw honey as the foundation for our products.

Our Very First Hive
Fresh Honeycomb From Our Bee Farm

High Performing Skincare

Nice Girls Don't Gatekeep!

At Mi-el our main goal is to offer high quality, high performing bodycare and skincare that doesn't leave you waiting weeks to see results. We don't gatekeep here! Mi-el prides ourselves in breaking down these bodycare woes and sharing all our top tips and solutions to these problems. 

What's Next For Mi-el?

As our brand grows we are so excited to keep releasing products for YOU! We are so thankful to have you as a member of our our Mi-el family and hope to make you proud with all our upcoming launches!

~ XOXO Lara

“As an environmentally conscious shopper, I consider the impact that brands have on the environement and I appreciate that Mi-el is a high quality product that really works well for me that also keep the environment in mind”

~ Chantel Otum ~

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