Hey Angels! 🪽 I'm Laura, the Co-founder of Mi-el Skincare!!

Growing up as a competitive gymnast, my days revolved around training at the gym in bodysuits. When I started shaving, I almost immediately began experiencing irritation on my bikini line, legs, and underarms – areas constantly exposed due to our uniform. I spent time learning why I suffered from severe razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation. Determined to find a solution, I made it my mission to understand and help fix this issue for myself and those like me who felt self conscious from the razor bumps and ingrown hairs they experience.
Since I first became invested in solving my shaving irritation, I have now grown to formulating shaving products to help anyone who shares the same struggles.

High Performing Body Care

Hot Girls Don't Gatekeep!

At Mi-el our main goal is to offer high quality, high performing body care and skincare that doesn't leave you waiting weeks to see results. We don't gate-keep here! Mi-el prides ourselves in breaking down these body care woes and sharing all our top tips and solutions to these problems. 

What's next for Mi-el??

As our brand grows we are so excited to keep releasing products for YOU! We are so thankful to have you as a member of our our Mi-el family and hope to make you proud with all our upcoming launches!

-xo Laura

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